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Welcome to the manual of Octopus Log. The following pages explain, how to install and use Octopus Log. Further more they describe, how Octopus Log works behind the scenes.

First steps

  • Installation - How to install Octopus Log.
  • Start - How to start Octopus Log.
  • Tour - A little introduction to the usage of Octopus Log.



  • Direct import from a Suunto dive computer over a serial cable
  • Direct import from the web site
  • Import from the Suunto Dive Manager either as CSV or as “Suunto Dive Manager Export”
  • UDCF import


  • Dives may be printed
  • Direct upload of dives to the web site
  • Export as web site (HTML)
  • UDCF export


  • Gear management
  • Buddy management
  • Dive management including the dive profile
  • All kinds of statistics over dives - which even may be extended by own statistics.

For developers

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