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07/31/09 - Octopus Log 0.7.1 released

  • Bugfix: Because of an build error, version 0.7 didn't work.

04/19/09 - Octopus Log 0.7 released

  • Statistics editor: The statistics are completely rewritten. Now there is an editor for creating own statistics from the data just with a few mouse clicks. So it is totally easy now to create statistics about nearly everything.
  • Added support for Suunto Gekko
  • Bug fix: The units were mixed up when printing
  • Adjusted import to work with the new site

12/31/07 - Octopus Log 0.6.1 released

  • In version 0.6 there was an error that caused that the new import and export didn't work. This was fixed with version 0.6.1

12/29/07 - Octopus Log 0.6 released

  • The dive table shows now the max. depth and the dive master, too.
  • In all tables there are buttons now for moving the selected row up or down.
  • The duration of a dive is shown now. If the duration or the end time is changed, the other time is adjusted automatically.
  • You can enter the type of a dive now.
  • There is an import and an export for now.
  • Some dive computers count a descent after a short (orientation) break at the surface as a new dive. Octopus Log is now able to combine such dives (including the dive profiles)
  • You can now select the dives you want to print or export to HTML.
  • There is a “About Octopus Log” dialog now.
  • For those who want to write a plugin there is a view now, that shows the internally used data tree. This view is disabled by default. In order to enable it rename in the directory “plugins” the file “DataTreePlugin.jar.disabled” to “DataTreePlugin.jar”.
  • Many minor improvements.

05/14/07 - Octopus Log 0.5 released

  • The log can be printed now.
  • The HTML export exports now the dive profile, too.
  • Many minor improvements

06/17/2006 - Octopus Log 0.4 released

  • The Suunto dive computers Vyper, Cobra, Stinger und Mosquito may now be read directly over a serial interface.
  • Data from Suunto Dive Manager version 2.x may now be imported.
  • The directory where the log book data should be stored may now be defined by the command line parameter ”-dataDir”. This way it is possible to have multiple log books on one computer.
  • A backup of the last 10 save states is kept.
  • Every 5 minutes a auto-save is created.
  • Bugfix: When choosing exit from the menu, the user wasn't asked whether to save changes.
  • Many minor improvements

05/13/2006 - Octopus Log 0.3 released

  • The UDCF export was improved.
  • The tables are now sortable.
  • Missing data may now be transferred from other rows.
  • Many detail improvements at the user interface.

04/29/2006 - Octopus Log 0.2.1 released

  • In version 0.2 there was an error that precented Octopus Log to start up a second time. This error is fixed now.
  • There is now an import for UDCF files.
  • Several bugfixes.

04/26/2006 - Octopus Log 0.2 released

  • More images in the user interface.
  • If there is no data yet, an example save is loaded which contains some data. This way it is easier to get Octopus Log to know.
  • The windows version has now an exe-wrapper and an installer.
  • Text export plugin with HTML export and UDCF export.
  • Several bugfixes.

04/15/2006 - Octopus Log 0.1 released

It's done: Now you can try out the first version of Octopus Log.

09/10/2005 - Octopus Log goes online

The Octopus Log homepage is finished.

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