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What is Octopus Log?


Octopus Log is an electronic dive log für divers. Octopus Log offers everything, you need to log your dives: The actual log, where you can record all details of every dive, an overview over all gear items, all buddies and diving sites. If you have a dive computer, then you can import your recorded dives and thus you can even permanently keep the exact depth profiles of every single dive.

Over all data automatically statistics are created. That way you see at a glance, when you dived, how deep and how long. Octopus Log is dead easy to use. Anyone who has worked with Octopus Log, won't ever want another dive log.

This is not enough for you? No problem! Octopus Log offers a plugin interface, you can use to provide more functions for Octopus Log. Save even more information to your dives, offer additional useful tools or expand Octopus Log by another import or export. All this may be done by plugins.

And the best is: Octopus Log is released under the open source license GPL. That means everyone can use and develop Octopus Log for free, but every development has to be released under the GPL as well.

Octopus Log runs with Windows und Linux. (a Mac version is planned)

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